Villa Torlonia
Duration: 3 h

The little Villa Torlonia outlying outside the city center, maybe because of their location rarely visited by tourists, takes among Roman villas due to their originality a very special place. The villa, made up of several building complexes of different eras and styles modeled assembles, and gloriously created English Garden go to Duke Giovanni Torlonia, who had acquired the property in 1797, and his architect Giuseppe Valadier. After Giovanni’s death, Alessandro Torlonia, his son, continued the project building, inter alia, fake ancient ruins, a theater and the so-called “Capanna Svizzera” (a building for Swiss style) and two large obelisks. In 1925 was occupied by Benito Mussolini, who established here his private residence. Occupied by the Anglo-American troops between 1944 and 1947, the villa in 1977 came into the possession of the city of Rome and now used as a public park. The tests carried out in the 90s restorations have the villa to its original splendor back out and make a visit today therefore again very worthwhile.


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