Galleria Spada
Duration: 2 h

The Palazzo Spada falls the visitors to Rome who goes from Piazza Farnese to Trastevere, because of its stucco decorations ornating the facade which immediately catches the eye. Built in the mid 16th century for Cardinal Giacomo Capodiferro, in 1632 the palace was purchased by Cardinal Bernardino Spada, who commissioned Borromini with some renovation work. In the courtyard of the palace, Borromini realized one of his masterpieces: a gallery which has been designed in perspective so awesome that it appears to the viewer much longer than it is in reality . Since 1927, Palazzo Spada is the seat of the State Council and of the eponymous collection, made of important paintings from the 17th century, including Reni , Guercino , Carracci , Domenichino , Solimena , Preti , etc.


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