Guided tours for kids

Romamirabilia brings your children to meet the art and history of Rome in a very special way. For each age there are specially prepared tours  which bring the city’s history to life based through guessing games or scavenger hunts . Of course, we take in the guides on the knowledge needs of the parents of eight !

Politics and leisure in Ancient Rome: exciting stories and legends from the time of Emperor

Kinder am Kolosseum in Rom
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Underground Rome

kirsche rom san clemente
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Shopping in ancient Rome

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City tour for little gourmets

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Guided tour for children with ice cream

Maybe we should start with the same important question : where there is the best ice cream in town ? But you will also find answers to many other questions like: why is the Spanish Steps Spanish and not Italian ?…

Life in the ancient port city of Rome : Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica is a small town about 20 kilometers south of Rome and can be easily reached by train in 20 minutes reach . A visit to this old port city is highly recommended, as it still undergoes here a good idea of ​​how the everyday life proceeded in an ancient city…

The great builders of ancient Rome

In kaum einer anderen Stadt sind heute noch so viele antike Bauwerke erhalten wie in Rom. Grund dafür ist zum einen die ganz spezielle Bautechnik der Römer…

Fancy stories and squares

The tour starts in the heart of the city, at Largo di Torre Argentina, near the historic building of Pantheon. Famous for its ancient temple ruins, this place is now a special attraction because of around 350 cats living between the ancient ruins…

Scavenger hunt through the Colosseum and the Roman Forum

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